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Welcome to China Law & Tax. Many of our peers will try to impress you with big words about past achievements, followed by a disclaimer that these do not guarantee future performance. We will not do so. After all, you want no-nonsense, one-stop professional advice and we offer precisely that. Should you want more details, you will find them under Executive Summary.

What we do wish to highlight is our unique pledge to donate to one of the charities on this page. ALL of our fees received for the introductory hour spent answering your initial questions, plus a percentage of all time-billed fees we receive from you going forward.

You choose which charity, selected for being close to our hearts -and hopefully to yours. The aim is for our efforts to generate a benefit to all of us, including to those with more pressing concerns than the finer points of law and tax.

Please go to the Contact page to tell us which charity you would like to support and what we can do to help you get started or expand in China and the rest of Asia !

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